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My Bestsellers

Breaking into Product Management

Duration – 10 Sessions

Course Content

  • Intro to Product
  • First Principles & Agile 
  • Prioritization and Negotiations
  • Finding the Right Problem – User Study
  • Finding the Right Solution – Design Thinking
  • Setting the Right Goals – Roadmap and Metrics
  • Launching the Product – Go To Market &  Rollout
  • Setting up your Growth Experiments – What’s Next
  • Building the Right Culture – Agile and Growth Mindset
  • Challenging the current solutions – Legacy System upgrade
  • Must-Haves, Good-to-haves and Bells-n-Whistles of a Product

Growing in Product Career to Leadership roles

Duration – 8 Sessions

Course Content

  • Introduction to Product Leadership in Firms
  • Driving Partnerships for Product Growth
  • Inside the mind of a Product Leader
  • How to stay Outcome focussed
  • Product-first culture set up
  • Grooming your PMs
  • Expectations
    • From You
    • From your team
    • From your stakeholders
    • From your business leaders
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Art of Cracking Product Interciews

Duration – 4 Sessions

In 2021, I cracked more than 50 interviews as a Product Leader.If you’re aiming for Fintech, E-commerce, Retail, Lending, Banking and Startups, You’ve come to the right place

Course Content

  • How to introduce yourself as a Product Professional
  • Knowledge Check Questions
  • Case studies and Situational questions
  • Behavioural and Interpersonal questions

Your Takeaways

  • How to introduce yourself in an “elevator pitch”
  • How to structure and respond to PM questions
  • How to make your interview MEMORABLE\

Become a Product Leader

Duration – 8 Sessions

I grew from Product manager to Product Leadership roles in 4 years.

If you’re aiming to grow fast, You’ve come to the right place

Course Content

  • What is Product Led Org
  • Building Teams
  • Setting their Goals
  • Aligning Stakeholders
  • Partnerships and Networking
  • How to stay ahead of competition
  • Capitalize Sunrise Markets –
    • Assessing the Demand
    • Finding & Solving Problems
    • Enter the market to Disrupt
    • The next phase of growth experiments

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